With the prolonged time we spend on our smart phones and computer screens today, its common place for us to experience; headaches, blurred vision, neck pain and fatigue.

These and more are symptoms of digital eye strain.

Consider these 7 tips to avoid digital eye strain.

  1. Adjust the lighting – when using your computer or smartphone it is better to keep the room softly lit.
  2. Take breaks – when doing close range work, take breaks occasionally and rest your eyes. Try using the 20 – 20 – 20 rule, (look twenty feet away from your computer every 20 minutes)
  3. Use eye drops as recommended by an eye specialist – Eye drops can prevent and relieve eye dryness cause by focusing too much on our digital screens.
  4. Choose the right eyewear for you – Its vital you invest in glasses or contact lenses designed specifically for computer work. You should see an optometrist to know what best would work for you.
  5. Blink often to refresh your eyes – Blinking produces tears that moisten and refresh your eyes. Make it a habit to blink more often when looking at a computer
  6. Adjust your monitor – Position your monitor directly in front of you about an arm’s length away.
  7. Adjust screen settings – Increase the font for easier reading; adjust the brightness and contrast to a level that is comfortable for you.

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