Its seems the news is all gloom and doom since the outbreak of the corona-virus.

It’s hard for even the most optimistic among us to stay positive.

It’s true that we need to take this virus seriously. It’s capable of causing severe illness, death, and drastic long-term changes to how we live and work. It could even cripple the economy. It’s easy to stay focused on those calamities: they seem to be the only topics covered on local and national news.

However you don’t need to hear about every unpleasant detail from dawn until bedtime. Instead, focus on the positive so that you have the energy and resolve needed to weather this storm.

Here are seven things you can do:

1. Limit your intake of the news about the virus from several sources, get your information from a trusted news provider.

2. Remember our past victories, once upon a time there was ebola virus which we tackled effectively. The deadly malaria outbreak was defeated, we also overcame the global economic meltdown. We made it through and this too would pass away.

3. Spend some time watching a funny or inspiring video or listen to a soul lifting audio to build your faith and hope.

4. Show some love to others (family and friends) by reaching out to them and spreading the message of hope and love in this trying time.

5. Focus on what you can do at the moment; With the closure of public places and even offices, the resultant effect may be idleness. However we can take advantage of this moment to engage in personal development; you can read good books or take online courses.

6. Express Gratitude for all the good things around you; the air you breath, the smile of a child, the vegetation around you etc.

7. Engage with the precautionary measures instituted by governing and regulating authorities.

Corona-Virus has come to pass.
We would get over it together. 🙏


With Love,
Soteria Eye Clinic.

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