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Our Services


·         Clinical Services

We operate a broad range of optometric clinics along with a number of specialist clinics:

·         Primary Care Clinic

Comprehensive eye examinations (sight tests) are undertaken in this clinic. We also provide screening for those working on computers.

·         Spectacle Dispensing Clinic

Our clinic stocks an impressive collection of the latest spectacle frames with a range of prices to suit you.

·         Contact Lens Clinic

We offer a wide range of the most up-to-date contact lenses and can undertake both fitting and aftercare appointments. We also offer a specialist contact lens service to cater for those requiring complex lenses or orthokeratology lenses.

·         Binocular Vision Clinic

Assessment of patients with `lazy eye’ and other conditions that cause problems with the coordination of the two eyes.

·         Vision and Reading Clinic

We provide specialist assessment of patients with reading difficulties that may be related to specific problems with their eyesight. Spectacles/contact lenses, eye exercises or coloured filters may be recommended. Patients under the care of this clinic include some individuals with dyslexia.

·         Paediatric Clinic

A clinic specifically designed to examine children and infants in a friendly, relaxed environment.

·         Low Vision Clinic

A clinic for those with permanently reduced vision that cannot be satisfactorily corrected using spectacles or contact lenses.